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   Because there was no software available to suit the needs of live O.R.I. performances, Operation Re-Information had to develop its own. Simple yet amazingly flexible, BackToBasics is the award winning software that allows samples to be assigned to keys on the computer keyboard so that the computer can be played as a musical instrument.

BackToBasics, now developed at Bludgeonsoft, is the premier digital sample triggering software for today's - and yesterday's - advanced computers.

BackToBasics is geared toward live performance, no delayed quantized playing or locked time signatures and no MIDI sequencing, just real-time triggering of raw or manipulated samples. With BackToBasics you can turn your computer into a truly live audio performance tool. "Just say NO" to "just hit play" electronic musicians!

Using BackToBasics, you can separately configure 47 keys on your computer keyboard to play any number of stereo sounds at one time (limited only by your sound card) while controlling each sample's pitch, volume, loop type, and more.

BackToBasics Windows
version 9.005
BackToBasics Macintosh
version 9.005
BackToBasics Macintosh
version 8.000 green
(or pink) (562K)
BackToBasics Macintosh
version 7.009
system requirements:   system requirements:
Windows 95+
DirectX 3+
Mac OS 7 - 9
or Mac OS X up to Leopard running in Classic mode (OS 9)

BackToBasics for Macintosh is now free, please contact us to receive your free serial number for the Macintosh version.

 purchasing & registration

    BackToBasics sells for US $20.00, but feel free to try it out first to see if you also agree that the BackToBasics is your HORSE for the frontier of tomorrow! Registration includes FREE lifetime upgrades.  
$20.00 USD

There is a US $1.50 service fee for payments made by credit card or PayPal. Remember to include your registration information!

Please note: Your serial number will be manually emailed out to you after receiving payment. The time it takes for our minion to respond to a purchase notification is usally only an hour or so, weekends may take a little longer.

Privacy Policy: Bludgeonsoft does not use your personal information for anything except verification of your registration incase you lose your registration code. We never sell or distribute any personal information, ever!

For more information please contact us.