Necromancer Cube: I just buy a CD player/recorder and am in love with the VX-P95.

Plague Zombie: in love with the P95? The P95 has the shortest battery life of ANY CD recorder. Just 4 hours compared with anywhere from 11 to 16 hours in other recorders. Plus, many P95's have internal software problems. They erase discs without you doing anything. Just all by itself it will erase your music.

Necromancer Cube: The battery life is a bit short, about 3.5 hours playing time. If I get the two AA battery pack, it will extend the life drastically!

Plague Zombie: The VX-P95 really does suck. I have one and I had to bring it back twice for the disc erasing problem. As for the battery pack, WHY? Every other recorder out there gets battery life that is far superior to the P95. And the battery pack makes the P95 so huge and ugly...

Necromancer Cube: WOW, You must of received a really messed up VX-P95. I have not experienced any problems you had with your VX-P95. Better luck finding a new player, ahahha.... I think ITS A GREAT PLAYER! Anyways, the battery pack increases the life by 3X approximately. That's awesome!.

Plague Zombie:'re pathetic. The VX-P95 battery pack increases the battery life by 3X and you think that's GOOD? Hahahahaha... Have a look, the VX-P95 gets a pathetic 16 hours of playback time with the huge AA battery pack screwed on. That really sucks and makes the P95 as big as a book.

Necromancer Cube: That's hilarious! Who's going to listen to their CD player for 17 hours straight? Hahaha, definitely not me... Oh, well, If you think the VX-P95 "sucks", why don't you buy the NEW P99 for 400 gold coins, ahhaha.. I got my VX-P95 for free.

Plague Zombie: I guess you never go very far away from home. Like over to a friend's house or on a vacation. You poor boy. Always return home at the end of the day to charge up your pathetic VX-P95.

Necromancer Cube: Plague Zombie, Why are you always wrong? I'm a Necromancer Cube, I always go to my friend's home... and go on vacation. Thanks for having some sympathy for me, I appreciate it. But, I have a social life. Unlike YOU, I wouldn't listen to my CD player for 16 hours straight. AHAHHA, even if I had, I would bring some extra batteries. Hahaha! Get a life Plague Zombie.

Plague Zombie: You really should try owning a few more battery operated things, you'll see what I am talking about.