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Out of the cyclopean depths of today's instruction execution cycle comes one primitive bare-machine approach to MIDI control systems that, with a crashing roar, will pull your process out of the crippled horror of full-breasted software "solutions" and assail the archaic monolith of software bloat with less than onehundred and thirty kilobytes of simplicity.

The Wizard Master Control Program lets you trigger external MIDI devices or your computer's awesomely simplex internal MIDI instruments with 128 separate beat configurations (8 loops of 16 beats each) each with its own controls for instrument, pitch, volume, stereo panning and duration. This is possibly the oddest little drum machine and sequencer you will ever come across. Resizing the window changes the loop length, and the tempocan be set to beats per minute (anywhere from 0.001 bpm to 50,000 bpm and beyond!) or samples per measure (to sync with BackToBasics).

system requirements: Windows 95/ME/NT/2000/XP++



download version 3.001 126K

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